Skydiving into Retirement: Enjoy the Ride and Land Softly

Skydiving into Retirement: Enjoy the Ride and Land Softly

Oct 19, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

For people in industry, retirement from a regular job is an inevitability. Most of us are taught over the years to save for retirement and to manage our 401k accounts appropriately. That advice reinforces the idea the retirement is a financial decision, and of course it is.

But money is the tip of the iceberg. When you retire, your entire identity changes: How will you answer the second question people ask: “What do you do?” For some people, the “retirement” phase of a career is more daunting than getting a first job.

In this webinar for those who are thinking about retirement or recently retired, we outline a strategic planning approach to retirement. We’ll talk about articulating your new identity and how to evaluate the environment into which you will leap. We’ll use exercises to help find the intersection of your values, your strengths, your interests and your opportunities and construct your new persona for the third phase of your life.

For those who have been retired for some time, the webinar offers an organized way to think about mid-course correction or construction of a late-career to-do list.