A PhD Workshop for Industrial Careers

Jun 21, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Join ACS and DuPont GOLD for a workshop exploring different industrial career opportunities for ACS Bridge Fellows and underrepresented PhD students and post-doctoral scholars (African American/Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) in the chemical sciences. DuPont employees will provide insight into effective communication techniques both in professional settings and in interviews, and how to develop sustainable and professional relationships through mentorship and collaboration. Participants will also have an opportunity to network with DuPont scientists, gain insights into the interview process, and receive advice on how to be successful as they enter and progress through an industrial career.

Workshop Goals:

  • Understand the interview and hiring process
  • Recognize the importance of mentoring and collaboration
  • Learn about different industrial career paths
  • Expand professional networks
  • Improve professional communication

Interested applicants must submit:

In addition, selected participants will receive an interview with DuPont, and the top two participants with the best research summary and personal statement will each be awarded a $500 cash prize.