Information for careers relating to Project Management
Project Management
Salary range

Median annual wage:

$118,970 (2017)

$120,160 (2015)

Roles and Responsibilities
Disseminating Information
Managing (Time, Projects, and People)
Planning and Designing
Educating and Training
Conducting Applied Research and Development

  • Oversee projects and ensure that all pieces are moving towards a common goal
  • Plan schedule and budget, set deadlines, monitor quality and progress, and manage budgets, all with input from other team members
  • Evaluate the potential profit from a particular line of research, the return on investment, and the commercial impact of changes in project scope or timelines
  • Maintain consistency and quality of output and decide when the desired level of quality has been achieved
  • Communicate project results, risks, and issues
Professional Skills
Communication – Oral
Communication – Written
Leading, mentoring and providing direction
Managing finances
Managing projects
Delegating work
Managing people