Information for careers in Laboratory Management
Laboratory Management
Salary range

Median annual wage:

$118,970 (2017)

$120,160 (2015)

Roles and Responsibilities
Disseminating Information
Managing (Time, Projects, and People)
Planning and Designing
Educating and Training
Conducting Applied Research and Development

  • Assign tasks, offer guidance, and manage day-to-day activities
  • Identify technical and scientific objectives for your department, in line with the organization’s strategic plan and mission, then create and implement plans to achieve those goals
  • Perform or review quality, design, and health checks on instruments to ensure equipment is functioning properly
  • Prepare and process documentation and reports, including writing, reviewing, and collecting data from others
  • Provide technical troubleshooting and crisis management when problems arise, which may require being on call 24 hours/day, 7 days per week
  • Encourage mentoring relationships, so new hires learn from experienced professionals, in line with both personalities and learning styles
  • Recruit, hire, fire, and supervise technicians, engineers, scientists, and other technical staff
  • Conduct individual and team meetings to develop skills and solve problems between other team members
  • Develop procedures to improve workflows, share best practices between shifts, and make current processes better/faster/cheaper
  • Manage up the corporate ladder, ensuring that your plans align with senior management’s priorities, and avoiding costs and delays associated with changes
  • Maintain awareness of TSCA, FDCA, cGMP, RCRA, and other governmental regulations and how they affect daily decisions in the laboratory
Professional Skills
Improving processes
Communication – Oral
Communication – Written
Teaching and training others
Leading, mentoring and providing direction
Managing finances
Managing projects
Delegating work
Managing people