Information for careers in Industrial Management
Industrial Management
Salary range

Natural science managers -

$118,970 (2017)

$120,160 (2015)

Roles and Responsibilities
Disseminating Information
Managing (Time, Projects, and People)
Planning and Designing
Educating and Training
Conducting Applied Research and Development

  • Determine scientific or technical goals within broad outlines provided by top management and make detailed plans to accomplish these goals
  • Plan and direct research, development, or production activities, monitoring progress and preparing reports
  • Plan and review projects with scientists, engineers, regulators, and upper management or other business units
  • Communicate with clients, propose projects, present findings, establish specifications, or discuss project status
  • Develop or acquire innovative technology and train staff on new instrumentation or methods
  • Develop or implement policies, standards, or procedures to ensure regulatory compliance or to improve operations
  • Hire, supervise, or evaluate technicians, researchers, engineers, or other staff
  • Provide technical assistance on projects, troubleshoot and respond to problems or non-routine events
Professional Skills
Improving processes
Communication – Oral
Leading, mentoring and providing direction
Managing finances
Planning and organizing
Managing projects
Delegating work
Managing people