Information for careers in Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection
Salary range

Median annual wage:

$45,490 (2017)

$43,030 (2015)

Roles and Responsibilities
Disseminating Information
Managing (Time, Projects, and People)
Planning and Designing
Conducting Applied Research and Development
Developing Procedures and Policies

  • Monitor what is in the air, water, and soil to study how chemical enter the environment, what affects they have, and how human activity affects the environment
  • Monitor the source and extent of pollution and contamination, especially compounds that affect human health, and they promote sustainability
  • Use knowledge from multiple disciplines
  • Express scientific ideas to a non-scientific audience
  • Set up tests, monitor stations, and collect data
  • Create written and oral reports on findings
  • Interact with wide variety of other scientists
Professional Skills
Problem-solving skills
Performing research
Analyzing data
Improving processes
Attention to detail
Flexibility/adapting to change
Working with teams
Communication – Written
Working independently

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