Research & Development
Salary range

$76,000: Laboratory Managers 

$36,000: Chemical Laboratory Technicians 

$45,000: Marketing Managers 

$65,000: Pigment Chemists 

$60,200: Ink Chemists 


Roles and Responsibilities
Conducting Applied Research and Development

Synthesize and characterize new products, components, and formulations. 

Develop new applications for existing products 

Develop and provide marketing support for commerical products 

Provide customer suppport and troubleshooting assistance in the application of commercial products. 

Study and improve health, safety, and environmental properties 

Analyze pigments and dyes from historical artifacts, works of art, or crime scene evidence

Teach courses and train students. 

Communicate with funding agencies, regulatory, agencies, and the general public. 

Professional Skills
Problem-solving skills
Attention to detail
Communication – Oral
Communication – Written
Leading, mentoring and providing direction
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