Research & Development
Salary range

$76,000: Laboratory Managers 

$36,000: Chemical Laboratory Technicians 

$45,000: Marketing Managers 

$65,000: Pigment Chemists 

$60,200: Ink Chemists 


Roles and Responsibilities
Conducting Applied Research and Development
  • Synthesize and characterize new products, components, and formulations. 
  • Develop new applications for existing products 
  • Develop and provide marketing support for commercial products 
  • Provide customer support and troubleshooting assistance in the application of commercial products. 
  • Study and improve health, safety, and environmental properties 
  • Analyze pigments and dyes from historical artifacts, works of art, or crime scene evidence
  • Teach courses and train students. 
  • Communicate with funding agencies, regulatory, agencies, and the general public. 
Professional Skills
Problem-solving skills
Attention to detail
Communication – Oral
Communication – Written
Leading, mentoring and providing direction
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