Information for careers in Basic Research
Basic Research
Salary range

Median annual wage:

$76,280 (2017)

$72,610 (2015)


BS-Level median $68,000
MS-Level median $81,000
PhD-Level median $130,000

Roles and Responsibilities
Planning and Designing
Educating and Training
Conducting Basic Research
Developing Procedures and Policies

  • Identify research topics and apply for funding
  • Collect and analyze laboratory and field data
  • Develop synthesis procedures and characterize products
  • Construct models and theories
  • Perform computational laboratory studies to interpret observations, provide input data for models, and testing theories
  • Collaborate with colleagues in other fields on multidisciplinary projects
  • Read scientific publications
  • Look for useful ideas and techniques from other fields
  • Teaching courses and supervising student researchers
  • Assist visiting scientists
  • Ensure that their laboratory facilities meet health, safety, and regulatory standards
  • Publish articles in scientific journals, and make presentations at conferences
  • Communicate research results to colleagues, funding agencies, and the general public
Professional Skills
Analyzing data
Creating and innovating
Improving processes
Flexibility/adapting to change
Working with teams

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