Information for Academic Professional careers
Academic Professional Staff
Salary range

Median annual wage:

$92,360 (2017)

$88,580 (2015)

Roles and Responsibilities
Disseminating Information
Managing (Time, Projects, and People)
Educating and Training
Assuring Quality

  • Instrumentation laboratory manager—maintains scientific equipment, instructs students in its use, schedules students and researchers, runs samples for researchers
  • Laboratory coordinator—develops experiments for chemistry lab classes, oversees preparation of unknowns and reagents
  • Stockroom manager—orders supplies, reagents, and equipment, sells required supplies to chemistry students, supervises student assistants
  • Laboratory technician—runs experiments, maintains lab supplies and equipment, assists in training of students
  • Project manager—coordinates large multi-institution projects, tracks deadlines and deliverables, coordinates conferences and meetings of co-investigators
  • Outreach coordinator—coordinates science outreach activities from the university to the community, sometimes in response to specific grant requirements
  • Safety Officer —sets and enforces policies and procedures, conducts inspections, files all required paperwork
  • Technology Transfer—works with academic professors to commercialize findings of their research
Professional Skills
Improving processes
Attention to detail
Flexibility/adapting to change
Managing finances
Planning and organizing
Managing projects
Working independently